Is it Worth Hiring a Digital Marketer?

Is it worth hiring a digital marketer? In this article we explore all pros & cons of hiring one including full cost breakdown.

Is it Worth Hiring a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills in the business world. Data shows that top marketers can increase sales by up to 50%, so it's no surprise that companies are eager to hire a digital marketer. But is it worth the cost? In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of hiring a digital marketer, including a full cost breakdown. When you hire a digital marketer, they must work with various stakeholders to do their job, from company leadership and other employees to customers and freelancers.

This person may also need to hire subcontractors from time to time, such as designers and writers. All of these interactions will require excellent communication skills, so be sure to discuss this during the interview. Digital marketers often partner with professional writers, video developers, photographers, and other content creators. By working with them, you can get high-quality content at very low prices, compared to hiring an in-house content creation specialist.

Data collected by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 85% of B2B marketers consider lead generation as their top priority. If you want to increase your online presence, you need a trained digital marketing manager, but finding a great digital marketer is difficult. There are many talented people in the labor market, but few can execute the specific growth strategies you need to take your company to the next level. Despite the fact that employers with longer onboarding programs see employees gain competition 34% faster, only about a third of companies with onboarding programs extend them beyond the first month. Since 69% of employees are likely to stay with a company for three years or more if they experience a great onboarding process, it's in your best interest to protect the team you've built with a structured onboarding. Buffer has employees spread across 11 different time zones.

This strategy ensures that your team looks ahead in the next 12 to 18 months, developing far-reaching campaigns with an eye to the future.Neil Patel is one of the New York Times bestselling authors and was recognized as one of the 100 best entrepreneurs under 30 by President Obama and one of the 100 best entrepreneurs under 35 by the United Nations. The Wall Street Journal calls him one of the top influencers on the web, Forbes says he's a top 10 marketer, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 brightest companies. Digital agencies are companies that help other companies perform a specific function, such as marketing, development, or design. If you're trying to decide if you should handle the marketing work for your business yourself or hire a marketing expert, there's a lot to consider. Even if you think you've automated your conventional digital marketing campaigns, a good marketer can optimize them in ways you might not even know exist. The best way forward may be a combination of a few internal hires complemented by a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing becomes reliable when you hire a digital marketer because you can meet with them and discuss marketing topics such as updating strategies or how the numbers are going.

A digital marketing agency will get used to your brand over time, but it will take longer than someone at home. Ultimately, working with a trusted digital marketing agency can result in a lasting business relationship that will train you and give you insight into your business growth. Digital marketing agencies are more likely to have deeper experience when dealing with a specific function or industry. There are many advantages to hiring a digital marketer for your business, and that means it's worth doing it. It's an investment to hire a digital marketer to improve your business. Digital marketers are trained to pay attention to those details and would be an asset if you want to market your brand. For some companies, there is already an existing marketing team and hiring a digital marketer will help improve the quality of marketing done for the company. For a digital marketing manager position, not only do you need someone who knows marketing but also someone who knows the specific marketing channel you want to maintain or grow - whether it's social media, search engine optimization (SEO), or something else entirely. So how should you proceed when you've carefully weighed the pros and cons of working with an agency and decided to hire a full-time digital marketer? You can't just assume that all digital marketers have the same skills or that all digital marketers are suitable for each position. The good news is that most digital marketers are generalists and many candidates will have some knowledge of most facets of digital marketing. If you're thinking about hiring a digital marketer but wondering if it's worth the cost, here are some of the advantages of hiring a digital marketer that will help you make your decision:

  • A trained digital marketer can optimize campaigns in ways you might not even know exist
  • A good marketer pays attention to details
  • A digital marketing agency has deeper experience when dealing with specific functions or industries
It's worth considering all these factors before deciding whether or not it's worth hiring a digital marketer for your business.

The best way forward may be combining internal hires with an external agency.

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